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Breed: Wilma is a poodle x Wendy is a West Highland Terrier
Age:  Both 3 years

Minimum Donation: £400.



Wendy the wonderful Westie and her best friend, Wilma the perfect Poodley girl, arrived with us as newly retired breeding bitches towards the end of last year.  They are amazing, lovely, friendly little dogs.  They were adopted and went to their new home just after Christmas.  
Very unfortunately, the home did not work out as the man in the home said that Wilma did not like him ad would bark at him.  When he returned them recently, Wendy happily walked back in but Wilma was very distraught when he left her.  
Anyway, both girls have happily settled back with us and they are zero trouble.  Just a pair of happy, friendly sweet young dogs.
We are looking for a great, countryside, forever home for them please.  They are too happy together to be parted.  Both are great with other dogs, children and adults we have found.   They do need a little further help to become 'proper' pet dogs.
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