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Breed: Jilly - German wire-haired pointer Jasper - German wire-haired pointer x Springer Spaniel
Age: Jilly - 5 years/Jasper - 3 years
Minimum Donation: £200. each
Jilly is a beautiful 5 year old German Wire-haired Pointer.  Jasper is her 3 year old son.  His father was a Springer Spaniel.  This lovely pair of dogs lived in an outside run and kennel up until recently.  They then went in to a foster home with another rescue for a few months, and they both took to home life very happily.  It has been hard for them to come to us and be kenneled again.  But they have both been very good.  Both are very clean and make no mess or chew things.  They are very obedient and people-friendly.
We are looking for an active, experienced country home for these lovely dogs.  They get on very well together and are good with other dogs.  Neither are said to be good with cats and they have not met children.
It will be great for these lovely dogs to find a wonderful home/s where they can have a lot of fun and attention plus the comfort they now crave.


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