Adopting a Dog

All dogs that come into our care are vet checked and are given at least their first vaccinations including kennel cough. They also receive flea and worming treatment and when old enough all our dogs are microchipped.

We try not to have ‘hard and fast’ rules. Each application for every dog is considered on an individual basis using common sense and our experience. Age is not a barrier as we often have older dogs looking for loving homes.

Becoming the guardian of one of our dogs is a big responsibility so before adopting one

  • Do you have the TIME a dog needs? Time for exercise, stimulation and training.

  • Can you AFFORD a dog? Annual inoculations, flea and worm treatment and on going vet bills and/or insurance premiums.

  • Are you COMMITTED? If your dog has or develops a problem, are you happy to work with your dog to resolve it?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘
YES’ then the next stage is to select the dog you would like to adopt from the ‘Dogs for Adoption’ page and then please click here to download an application enquiry form and send it to the address shown on that form or click here to enquire online.

If the Foster Carer is happy that the two of you will become good friends your home will be visited to ensure your garden is secure; we will also require a reference from your existing vet. A non-returnable donation fee is requested as a contribution to the costs incurred by us whilst the dog has been in our care. Donation fees vary as they are subject to the breed, age and the health of the animal but the Foster Carer will be able to tell you the donation for the dog that you are interested in adopting.

And when the time comes to welcome your new family member into your home we hope you will find these notes helpful.

To read and download the guardianship requirements for adopting one of our dogs please
click here