Becoming a Member of our Meds for Mutts Club

Every year we spend tens of thousands of pounds on vet bills for the hundreds of dogs that come into our care. That’s why your participation in the lottery organised by our Meds for Mutts Club will make such a difference.

For just £5 a month for a 12 month period (or one payment of £60 for a year) you will be making a major contribution towards the cost of the vet’s bill for one dog.

In return you will be given one share in the Club which will remain valid for 12 months and thereafter for further 12 month periods for as long as you so wish, which we hope will be for a very long time – and there is no restriction to the number of shares you can own either!

The more shares you buy the better the chance you have of winning the monthly draw, details of which are in the Club Rules. Click
here to download the club rules and here to download a membership application form and standing order authority. Please send both to the address is on the form - and good luck!