“Some dogs may have suffered the most horrendous cruelty, and they have no trust or little love left to give. They often arrive in very poor physical condition. They shake with fear not knowing that they are on the road to recovery and happiness. This, for a foster carer, is the hardest part of the job, just accepting that a so called human being has allowed this to happen.

Then comes the best part, the dog will show you quite quickly if they are willing to be touched or snuggle into your arms and hide. Many hours of gentle coaxing and feeding, often by hand to start with, leads to a little bit of trust. You build on this trust day after day. Then the best thing ever. There is no feeling as wonderful as the first time your little foster dog comes willingly to you, tail wagging asking for a cuddle or just allows you to stroke them without their eyes growing as big as saucers with fear. Eventually the day arrives when your dog and it's new forever family have been matched, This will without doubt be one of the happiest moments of your life: that is if you can hold back the tears, this comes with practice as you will always be sure another poor little soul will soon arrive who needs you just as desperately.”

Sue - Foster Carer