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At Dogsfriends we usually have a number of dogs in what we call ‘long-term foster care’. They are dogs that, because of their age and medical requirements, are not suitable for adoption but deserve the safety of a home, regular meals, the warmth of a bed and the love of a human being. These are generously provided by some of our foster carers but we remain responsible for all their vets bills which is yet another drain on our limited resources.


Here are the stories of just a few of them and to help us continue to help our dogs in ‘long-term foster care’ I hope you will kindly consider a sponsorship donation for one of them; and from time to time we will be pleased to give you an update on their lives. All you have to do is click on the image of the dog you would like to sponsor and fill out the sponsorship donation on the linked page. Many thanks for your support.



Paddy and Tess

Paddy (on the right) and his sister Tess are eleven-year old Jack Russell Terriers.

For ten years they lived with a lady who was very ill. As her condition deteriorated they spent all their time cuddling and comforting her on her bed – effectively nursing her. When their owner went into hospital she was not expected to recover, so Paddy and Tess became homeless. Fortunately Dogsfriends came to their rescue and I was delighted to become their foster carer. They moved in with me a year ago and have been re-introduced to play and exercise which they love.

Tess has a heart murmur, some arthritis and a slight wheeze. Paddy is undersized for his breed, has a particularly sensitive digestive system and is prone to numerous infections. Both dogs have high anxiety levels.

They have always lived together and we could never part them but as it is harder to re-home two dogs at once, and in view of their age and medical needs, they are now living with me in long-term foster care. And it’s a joy to have them.

Paddy and Tess have only ever given unconditional, devoted love but now they have on-going needs of their own.