Breed: SBT

Age:  c. 12 months

Minimum Donation:  £200.



Blaine is yet another young staffie that we have recently taken in.  He has suffered a huge amount in his short life.  Unbelievable what some pet dogs go through...….  People often do not intend to be cruel.   If they do or if they don't have the intention, the result is still massive suffering by the poor creatures.  And so very often it is staffies.

When Blaine first arrived here, he was absolutely terrified.  He had never been taken out anywhere, not even to the vet for pup vaccinations or chipping.  Apparently, and very obviously, he was not even used to walking in a harness/collar and lead.  On top of this, he had Demodex Mange.  This was blatantly obvious too and had not been treated.   Grrrrrrrrr.   So sad.  So frustrating.  
On a very positive note though, Blaine has thrived since being here !!!!!  His mange has been quickly and successfully treated.  He is getting to love his free and lead walks.  And his good food and comfortable sofa.  He is so ugly that he is very cute.  Everyone here really loves him.  But we would all love this pup to have his own forever home asap.  Where there will be no endlessly being locked in a crate.  Or relentless noise and chaos.  Just time and space for Blaine to be pampered, trained and fulfilled.