Breed: Lurcher we believe

Age:   Young

Minimum Donation:  £200.



George is a very affectionage, gentle and cuddly 3 yr old lurcher who absolutely adores his humans.  He is not suitable to go with children and his ideal would be an active home as an only dog with someone around most of the time, so he gets lots of attention.  He is housetrained and fine to be left for 3 hours as long as he has had a run.  He has previously lived with a cat. George has zero prey drive - we have come across deer, horses, cattle and squirrels and he's shown no interest in them.  George is excellent on and off lead and his recall is amazing - he is a real pleasure to walk. He's a typical lurcher and loves nothing more than to run through the fields and then crashes when he gets home. He's very sociable with other dogs and loves to play, although he can be a little boisterous for the smaller ones so I tend to put him on the lead when approaching them. Sometimes he doesn't know when to stop when playing with other dogs and they get fed up with him, but he is easily called back and then I just put him on the lead. He's not at all destructive in the home but can be a bit of a thief with food. All in all George hasn't got a bad bone in his body.  He's probably not the brightest, is always following you around and can be a bit of a clumsy lump - but you just can't help but love him.