Breed: Lurcher we believe

Age:   Young

Minimum Donation:  £200.



Although George is not suitable for a family with young children, he is a very handsome, very large, very friendly and happy brindle young Greyhound. We were told that he was a 'coursing whippet' - but he just looks like a lurcher. He seems fine with all other dogs and people. We are not absolutely sure about cats but he is being tested for that. This lovely lad is looking for a sensible forever home.


Foster carer report -


George the young lurcher has been in his foster home for a week now. He is incredibly cuddly and loves people so much. 

He is great on walks, doesn’t pull on the lead and is happy to meet all dogs.   George is house trained and travels well in the car. We feel he would possibly like to be the only dog in the house so he can have his human all to himself.


Update - 


George is doing extremely well.  He's not feeling the need to be with me all the time and not following me everywhere now that he is more settled.  We have started to leave him.  I was a bit concerned how he would be so set up a camera and to my surprise he was completely settled within 3 minutes of us leaving and didn't move an inch until we came home! We have now left him for up to 2 hours with no problem - considering how clingy he can be this is amazing :-)

He has been fine with all dogs. He has grumbled at a couple of entire males but to be fair he was on the lead at the time.  I do put him on a lead when we come across small dogs as he is so playful and completely unaware of his size - I wouldn't want him to bulldoze them!  He wants to play with any dog that's running, but if they are calm he pretty much ignores them.  His recall is fantastic even if he is distracted.  He is still and probably always will be a compulsive thief ... but you soon learn to close doors!!  I am quite sure he is a lurcher and not greyhound as he has alot of energy and more stamina than a greyhound tends to have.  

The one problem we still have is he generally needs to go out for a wee every 90mins - 2 hours.  If we are all chilling together and he is totally settled sometimes he can go longer.  My theory is that when he gets up gravity takes it's toll and he needs to go pretty much straight away.  He still doesn't ask to go out but if you take him out and tell him to do a wee wee he is really good and does it.  Fortunately I am able to let him out so frequently but it may restrict where he can be homed.  We take up the water when he goes to bed and crate him at night.  He does his last wee at 10 but then barks to be let out anytime between 3-4.30am (sometimes earlier).  If he was not crated he would definitely have an accident.  One time we thought perhaps it was attention seeking so didn't come down to let him out and he peed in the crate so he genuinely can't hold on.  He drinks 2 litres of water a day which is apparently normal.  His previous owner took him to the vet where they did a urine dip test but they found nothing wrong.  

All in all he is one loveable lump.

Foster carer update - 

George is doing really well.  Now that he has settled his character is really shining through, and we have come to the conclusion that he is just an oversized puppy.  He is so funny and entertaining.  He enjoys his cuddles  (from anybody and everybody) and playing with his toys.  He is housetrained and now sleeps through the night.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs, really enjoys his walks and his recall is faultless, then after a long walk he just crashes - typical lurcher.  He's happy to be left for 2-3 hours.  He really is a super boy and you can't help but love him :-)

            Further update -

George is continuing to do really well - he is such a lovely boy that takes everything in his stride.  

When we are out and about he is not the slightest bit interested in cats.  He notices them and then carries on his way so I wouldn't want to completely disregard anyone interested with cats.  His initial blurb states no small furries - perhaps we could remove this.  He would definitely be fine with small dogs and possibly cats with correct introduction.  If someone was to apply with cats I do have a friend with dog savvy cats that I could take him to.  The other day he could hear russling in the bushes and was curious but very easily distracted.  The only thing he seems to want to chase is playful dogs :-)

 I'm quite convinced he is lurcher as he has alot more stamina than a greyhound and picks up scents - he is always sniffing the air.