Breed: Crossbreed - poss. Shar Pei x Manchester Terrier  

Age: 4 years

Minimum Donation:  £200.



Prince is a 4 year old cross breed - we think Shar Pei cross Manchester Terrier.  He is very usual looking - and very cute.  He's also smaller than he looks, weighing about 14 kgs.  Prince arrived with us a few weeks ago with beagle Bessie.  They were both lucky to be offered a home together but, after a week or so, Prince started to try to domineer Bessie.  We were very surprised as they had been together quite a while and whilst here, Prince was the timid, shy dog who depended on Bessie for courage and confidence.

So Prince is back with us.  As it is so cold, he is sharing the staff room with Little Buddy.  Both dogs get on great here.  But we think Prince might, in a home, be happier as an only dog maybe.  He had spent the first few years of his life in a very quiet, isolated home with just him and an elderly person, not going out at all.  When the person died last year, his whole world turned upside down when he went out and about for the first time.  He has adjusted slowly but surely and is becoming a great, characterful dog.  
Prince is a special dog.  He is looking for a worthy, special forever home.