Breed: Whippet?
Age:  10 years

Minimum Donation: £200.



Beverly is as good natured a dog as you could ever wish to meet. She is a very large Whippet, or a very small Greyhound, or perhaps a mix of the two. We know nothing of her background, except that she was handed in at the same time as another similar dog who was badly injured; she has been keeping him company while he has recovered. We don’t know her original name or her age – the Vet has guessed that she is about 10 (she has the black dog’s curse of going white around the muzzle, but beautiful brown eyes compensate). She is gentle, polite and quietly affectionate, as good a nature as you could possibly hope for. Although she is leggy, she is unobtrusive in the house: she just needs room to stretch out on her back, and a chair to curl up in. Her other main requirement is exercise. At the moment, she gets 45 minutes in the morning off lead in the countryside and another, often shorter, walk in the afternoon. It could be less time than this, but it would be nice to think that she would be able to go free at some time during the day - it raises one’s spirits to watch her. She is good on the lead and her recall is good. She has had limited exposure to children, but she behaved well with them. While here, she has been spayed and her teeth cleaned; otherwise, there have been no health problems, in fact she has been no trouble at all. Lovely lady. Very highly recommended by her fosterer.