ALBIE - not available yet


Breed: Collie
Age:  1 year

Minimum Donation: £200.



Albie came to us right at the beginning of this year.  He had been found straying on the Brecon Beacons, had served his 8 days in the Pound, was not claimed, so arrived here with us.  The poor dog was in a very poor condition and painfully thin.  Our vets aged him at 12 months old.
He was a very good, young dog and quickly got adopted.  Sadly, this home did not work out and he has recently arrived back here.  He was beautifully looked after and has come back in lovely condition and now the right weight.  The downside was that he was not allowed to run free and so got quite stressed and frustrated.
We are looking for an active, collie-savvy forever home for Albie.  He has so much potential and is extremely handsome.  Albie needs a country home as city life would not be right for him.  He can be slightly wary but he is very quick to learn.