DIGBY - PLEASE NOTE Digby is not a DogsFriends dog - he belongs to one of our volunteers


Breed: Bull Mastiff x Rottie
Age:  2½ years
Minimum Donation: £200.



Digby is a 2 and a half year old Bullmastiff x Rottweiler. He’s a very loving, playful boy who hasn’t had the best start in life but his friendly character is really starting to shine through now.
He was with a family from a puppy who didn’t understand the importance of socialisation so he was confined for long periods of time without walks. For this reason he can be quite barky and fearful with strangers, but if they ignore him for a few minutes he soon settles down and he’s instantly their best friend. He’s a really bouncy boy who adores attention and long walks so he was like a coiled up spring where he was.
He has strong Rottweiler traits, such as the classic rottie rumble, inquisitive nature and makes a great guard dog! He likes nothing better than chasing the birds from the lawn and making sure the family is all around him. 
He loves dogs, maybe a little too much, as he can be quite jumpy and too much around small dogs initially. However he had recently been castrated so this is starting the settle down. Recall is excellent in the house, although it can be tough if there are other new dogs around that he wants to say hello to. He can sit, do paw and lie down, he’s very food driven so is way to train.
He can be rehomed with another dog, but they would have to a patient and calm character as he can get a bit over excited at times.
That being said he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and wants nothing more than to cuddle up with you on the sofa.