Breed: Huskie Collie X
Age: 1 year
Minimum Donation: £200.
Everest is a Husky Collie cross who is just over a year old. She has been living with a family for the past 9 months and is a fun, clever, energetic and affectionate dog who is completely house trained. She needs to find a new home because whilst she is 100% comfortable with her owners and very loved, she can become very nervous when left on her own for long periods or when lots of people come in and out of the house. She also doesn't get on with the resident cat.
She would like to live in a house with another dog, especially one who likes to play, as this makes her relax enormously and more comfortable with visitors. She would also like to be with owners who can take her for lots of walks and be around for her. Everest gets on brilliantly with children but because of her strength and enthusiasm its best if the children are older.