Breed: Collie
Age: 2 years
Minimum Donation: £200.
Rez is an extremely smart, active 2 year old black and white short-coated neutered Collie.  He spent his younger days living in the centre of Bristol apparently (not sure how on earth he coped there) with a young family.  They recently passed him on to an older country living couple but Rez was too much for them to cope with, so he arrived here a couple of weeks ago.
He was zero trouble here being kennelled and, did in fact, seem very happy.  He was slightly nervous and unsure of new people but was great with other dogs, on the lead and playing off lead in the fields.
Rez was lucky enough to go to an experienced collie foster home.  There he has been nurtured and further assessed.  There are cats, hens, resident and visiting dogs and people at the foster home.  With guidance from his foster carer, he has coped remarkably well.  
So we are looking for a great collie savvy, country home for Rez.  He is very clever and needs plenty of mind and body work to keep him happy and sane.  Another resident dog or two to play with would be a real bonus for him.