Breed: possibly Coton de Tulear
Age: 7 years
Minimum Donation: £200.
McDo arrived here the weekend before last and he was in a shockingly sad and pitiful state.  His skin was so sore and painful that he had been driven mad with itching so had hardly any coat left.  His poor ears were in a very bad state.  Plus he was very thin and woebegotten.  He looked like a Westie but we were told his previous owner, a breeder, had paid a great deal of money for him as he is a rare breed.  Sure enough, his chip records show he is meant to be a Coton de Tulear.  But he certainly does not look like one at present.
He was taken to the vet the day after arriving here and was started on all the necessary treatments.  He was seen again this afternoon and our vet is very pleased with him.  His skin is clear enough for him to be neutered early next week and have his poor ears properly looked at whilst he is under his general anaesthetic.  They are so painful that it has been extremely difficult to get the drops in them.  He tolerates his regular baths and his skin has started to improve now all his coat , or rather, the little bits he had left and not pulled out with his teeth, were clipped off.
In spite of all the extreme discomfort this poor little dog has been enduring for so long, he is incredibly happy and friendly.  He is great with everything here and no trouble - except when doing his ears...…
It would be great to find a competent local foster carer who is willing and able to nurture this great little dog.  He has several vet visits to be taken to at Blackford, so someone who can take him there please.  
We are hopeful that, given time and lots of tlc, McDo will go on to make a very good recovery and go on to be a great friend to some lucky person or family.