Breed: Miniature Schnauzers
Age: Madge - 4 years/Maggie - 5 years
Minimum Donation: £400. for the pair
Madge, aged 4, and her mother (we believe), Maggie, aged 5, arrived here a few weeks ago.  They had just been retired as breeding dogs and arrived here in rather sorry states.  One had a massive hernia and both needed dental work and to be spayed.  They were both very timid and very confused.  
Both have finished all their vet treatment and they are really starting to enjoy life and be much happier and fitter.  They love playing, especially with squeaky toys!!!  They also spend ages puppy sitting the colie pups now the pups are old enough.  It is massively beneficial for the pups and the Schnauzers as they are all learning a lot from each other.
Maggie and Madge are really ready to go to their forever home now, preferably where there is at least one other 'role model' dog already there to continue to teach the girls.  We will not split them up as they are very attached to each other, in a nice, healthy way.