Breed: Cross breed
Age: Alexander - c.12 years/Slinky - c. 15 years
Minimum Donation: £150. for the pair
Alexander is a three-legged large, black Labrador type and his best friend and constant companion is lovely elderly lady, cross-bred Slinky.  Both dogs were born in Romania and endured challenging lives as 'street dogs' over there.  Slinky was imported over to this country by a kind lady a couple of years ago.  She imported Alexander to this country last November.  All was set for the dogs to have a luxury retirement but, very very sadly, their carer unexpectedly suddenly died a couple of months ago.
So the two dogs arrived here.  Both were morbidly obese and have been put on strict diets.  Alexander, having only one front leg, massively struggled to get around.  He was 46 kgs when he arrived.  We have got him down to 35 kgs now and he has a few more kilos to lose to get to his healthy weight.  Slinky was 26 kgs and should be 14 kgs.  She is now 18 kgs so, like her best friend, has some more to lose.  Our vet is very pleased with their progress.
They are fantastic dogs.  We think Slinky is about 15 and Alex is about 12.  They have obviously had tough pasts and are both street-wise and stoic.  They must be very confused with all the changes and missing their beloved carer.
We are looking for a great, kind gentle new forever home for them.  They need to be fed properly so they continue to get to their healthy weights and thereafter stay at them.  Both dogs love exploring the fields, sun bathing and, most of all, HAVING HUMAN COMPANY.