Lockdown meant that we were only able to rehome a few dogs, the donations from which normally fund 33% of our operations. Now we have many dogs arriving and are able to rehome them, but urgently need funds to support them and, in particular, to pay their vet bills. Any donation large or small will make a significant difference to our survival as a charity. Please donate (click on button at top right) to keep us alive!

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Based in the heart of Somerset in the South West of England, our passion is for helping dogs and owners in need.


Dogs Friends is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who are totally committed and relentlessly busy. Almost all our dogs are in individual foster care in the surrounding area as we prefer them to live in a domestic setting where at all possible.

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We are always looking for volunteers to help us run the Charity.

For example could you help us by walking a dog or find homes for dogs that are with our Foster Carers or help with the transportation of dogs and the distribution of food and bedding?

To find out more about how you can help Dogsfriends in so many different ways, click here.

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Every year we spend tens of thousands of pounds on vet bills for the hundreds of dogs that come into our care.

That’s why your participation in the lottery organised by our Meds for Mutts Club will make such a difference.

To find out how you can join our Meds For Mutts Club click here.

9 hours ago

Dogs Friends

Bernie (was Purdie with us) has settled in really well with his new family who write: we had a DNA test done (hope you can see them) and were surprised to find some American Staffordshire Terrier in his genes! He's a very intelligent and sensitive boy. He loves learning new things. We go running with him too and he loves it. He gets in a grump with us sometimes, normally if we're not sharing our chicken dinner! Meeting new people is one of his favourite things, only second to food. He gobbles up food so quickly we have to feed him using a puzzle toy; otherwise we get a lot of sick burps (& worry about bloat!). They're all the good things. The only bad news to report would be that when we got him he was a super friendly and sociable dog to other dogs, but during lockdown he was twice attacked by off lead dogs (whilst he was on lead). This has made him quite anxious around small off lead dogs now, but we're working with a behaviourist and hope to build his confidence back up soon! Oh, also he does the smelliest farts. (Boys will be boys.) ... See MoreSee Less

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22 hours ago

Dogs Friends

Reggie is continuing to thrive. He had a lovely time playing and exploring in one of the fields today. It is a total joy to see him transforming before our very eyes. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Dogs Friends

Henry is becoming a very popular boy here. He is super playful, friendly and a very happy little soul. He really deserves an active, sensible, kind home with older teenagers perhaps who will throw his ball and keep him amused. Henry is a senior dog but this is hard to believe as he is very sprightly. We are looking for a five star home for him please ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Dogs Friends

It is no surprise that rescue dogs often require lots of medical help. For example, Olive who we posted about last week, or Hacka and her paw, or Ember, Willow and Wren whose sight we need to save. More mundane are all the regular costs, like worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, and neutering. On average, vet costs are well over twice any donation received on re-homing. Why not participate in the lottery organised by our Meds for Mutts Club? Help us and have the chance to win a good cash prize. For just £5 a month for a 12 month period (or one payment of £60 for the year) you will help to ensure that the dogs get all the regular treatments that keep racking up the bills. And each month, you have the chance to win the monthly draw! The more shares you buy the better the chance you have of winning the monthly draw. Application forms and details are in the Club Rules. dogsfriends.me.uk/ways-to-help/#meds_for_mutts. Sorry, it is not possible to apply online. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Dogs Friends

Update on Ceriad Celyn. The physiotherapist and the staff who swim the dogs at Chapel Farm, were very very pleased with the progress that this lovely lady has made. She lost another 1kg last week and is far more mobile and in a lot less pain. She is really starting to be a lot more alert, interested in her surroundings and has started to play with the other dogs there. We are very grateful to everyone who has been helping her. Especially her foster family and the very kind volunteer who takes her to Chapel Farm each week. Three kilos lost. Nine more to go !!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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