Dogs Friends was started in the Spring of 2005 by a group of friends who, at the time, were working with a number of different dog charities.


Whilst recognising the need for funds to finance a wide range of services for the welfare of dogs, they decided to concentrate their efforts on direct re-homing work in the vicinity of where they all lived and that is what they are now doing as a team – finding better homes for unwanted and unloved dogs in the Bristol, Bath and Somerset areas.

Dogs Friends is now well established and to help with fund raising it was registered as a Charity on 5 April 2009 based in the heart of Somerset but operating across much of the South West. As a charity we are committed to the belief that all dogs are equally deserving and so we take in dogs of all ages, sizes and breed and from a variety of backgrounds.

Board of Trustees

Rosemary Peacock Chairwoman
John Thurmand Secretary
Lyn Dunn

Latest Report & Accounts

Download our latest Report and Accounts.

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As can be seen, our largest cost by far, is vet bills and that is why we set up the Meds for Mutts Club.

Meet Some Of The Team

Rosemary Peacock (Trustee & Chairwoman)

I have never ever not lived closely with pets. There were always cats then guinea pigs, rabbits, later on ponies then horses and sheep. I can remember them all. I am so grateful to my parents for their love of animals which they definitely passed on to me. We never had dogs though. I was rather scared of them till I was an adult. Ponies and pony rescue was my passion for many years. As soon as I was old enough and qualified, I ran a riding school that subsidised my sanctuary for old ponies and donkeys. After a few years, my first dog arrived. Tally. Absolutely special. A big black and white collie cross stray. He was followed by other unwanted farm collies. Then, in 1998, I met another dog who appeared at the yard – Gnasher, a Chocolate Labrador puppy. Oh my goodness, he started my total passion for ‘Chocolates’. He was the most fantastic dog. I will be eternally grateful to him. He changed my life.

John Thurmond (Trustee)
I have been involved with the Rescue from the first dogs, which came in the spring of 2005. Five of the dogs from that spring are still with me. I was appointed a Trustee when the Charity was formed in 2009. Over the years my activities have included collecting dogs from pounds mainly in Wales but also in England. At one time I was crossing the Severn Bridge so often my car was recognised by the toll collectors. Meds for Mutts, pet Insurance, documentation and procedures, obtaining grants and claiming gift aid have been some of my admin activities.
My role is admin support so I deal with adoption applications, random questions and issues that arise and help to support foster carers, adopters and other team members as needed. Tim and I also help with collecting donations and general running around.
I’ve only been doing this admin role since the beginning of 2021 but have fostered dogs and helped out generally for a few years now.
My favourite part of my role is probably helping match people with dogs and assisting people through the adoption process. I enjoy chatting on the phone and get to speak to lots of different people and helping with a variety of issues.
We have 5 dogs and 2 cats and foster cats too. In our spare time, we love to go for walks, particularly to the beach and enjoy spending time in our caravan.

As a volunteer I work closely with Caroline to coordinate the Adopting and Fostering scheme, and also look after the website, Facebook page and events/fundraising. I have also adopted three dogs from Dogs Friends and enjoy fostering other dogs that need somewhere safe to stay. My favourite part of volunteering is helping to create new families with the addition of four paws.

I’m the kennel manager and I run the Instagram page. I have been at Dogs Friends for 9 years and I enjoy looking after the animals and seeing the transformation in the dogs. I got involved as I love working with animals. In my spare time, I like to read and look after all my own animals. 

I work at the kennels caring for all the animals up there. I started working nearly 3 years ago and my favourite part of joining the team is learning new things every day, from working with dogs with all different backgrounds and needs is so rewarding and seeing the outcome after putting in the work with them is amazing. I got involved because of my love of dogs, and being able to work with all different breeds of dogs has been amazing and I’ve learnt so much. In my spare time, I help at home with the cattle and horses, and also enjoy walking my dogs.


My roles include running fundraising stalls and helping in the office, vets and kennels. I have been volunteering for 9 years and I’ve always loved dogs and this was a great way to be able to help dogs in need. In my spare time, I like knitting, crafting and word puzzles.


I have been a volunteer with Dogs Friends for over five years and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to contribute to the safety and happiness of so many unique and beautiful animals. I answer our dedicated phone line and otherwise help out where I can. Many people who hand in their dogs for re-homing are devastated and I often hear their stories which can be heart-breaking. However, there are some people who own dogs and expect them to behave like toys – cuddly and playful when required but otherwise silent. I cannot understand these people. The pleasure of owning a dog is in appreciating their character, intelligence and individuality.