About This Project


Breed: Bulldog (15kg)

Age: 1 year 9 months old

Donation: £TBC


    • Amy could live with older children
    • Amy has mobility issues
    • Amy could live with cats with careful introductions


Background – Amy is a lovely young bulldog who came from a pet home where she was used for breeding. She has some health problems including significant mobility issues.
Type of home – Amy would prefer a quiet home. Amy can be left for short periods but would prefer to have someone around the majority of the time.
People – Amy loves everyone! She is very affectionate and is a real cuddle monster. She loves to climb on your lap and really snuggle in – she gives the best hugs!
Children – Due to her health needs, she would be best in a home with older children only.
Dogs and Cats – In a previous home, Amy lived with a small elderly dog and 4 cats. The majority of the time, this was fine but on occasion, she was a little snappy, particularly around her favourite bed space with the dog. Therefore, being an only dog might be better for her. That way she can have all the cuddles for herself! Amy could live with cats after careful introductions. She is fine with other small furries.
Outside of the home – Amy walks fine on the lead although isn’t an enthusiastic walker! Due to having significant mobility issues she can only manage about 10 minutes of walking each day. She is used to riding in her doggy stroller so is able to come out on longer walks with her family.
Health – Unfortunately Amy is the product of bad breeding and has some health issues. Her main problem is luxating patellas and hip dysplasia which has left her with fairly severe mobility issues. She has had a thorough examination and x-rays at our vets and it has been decided that surgery is not the best option for her at this stage. Amy can manage very well provided she has regular but only short walks and is kept nice and slim. She has a few other less serious issues that can be discussed with shortlisted applicants.
Adoption process – Amy is in foster in Cheddar. Applicants must be willing to accommodate a home check and vet reference (where applicable) and be willing to visit Amy in her foster home.