About This Project


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: 8 years

Donation: £350


  • Angel MUST go to a home with other dogs.
  • Angel can live with children 5+
  • Angel is not cat tested


Background – Angel arrived in our care when she was no longer wanted by her breeder. Angel is painfully thin and working up to a healthier body condition, and also has lost a number of teeth as well as those remaining being rotten. Angel is now in foster care and is doing exceptionally well living alongside several other rescue dogs of all sizes.


Character – Angel lives up to her name – she is such a gentle soul and so desperately wants to be loved. Angel is very much a companion dog, she loves to snooze next to me on the sofa and comes a little closer when she would like some fuss. Angel is very much ‘part of the family’ and this is something that must continue for her as she deserves the very best. Angel is happy in the home environment and enjoys having her own spot on the sofa, but does have free rein of the home and will take herself off exploring – she likes to race up the stairs and do zoomies!


Type of home – Angel would like a calm home without too many loud noises and expectations placed upon her – she is a sensitive little soul and will need time to trust and overcome the huge trauma she has experienced. Adopters must understand that dogs of such a traumatic background will not instantly be normal dogs – they haven’t had any real socialisation or experience of the outside world and so will need huge amounts of patience and time. Things like long walks, visitors to the home and holidays away will not be on the cards for Angel until she is fully settled and have formed a trusting bond with her new family.


Health – When Angel arrived she was painfully thin and in a bad way, having a mouth full of rotten teeth (many had already fallen out). Angel is doing well and already looking much better, she is enjoying a raw food diet along with the other dogs and is having some added supplements to get her in much better condition.


Adoption – Angel is in foster care in the BS16 area of Bristol/South Gloucestershire and applicants must be willing to meet her in her adoptive home a couple of time. As Angel is sponsored by Schnauzerfest we can be a little more flexible about the catchment area (usually Bristol, Somerset, Bath and nearby), however applicants should still be within a reasonable distance. Angel will not be ready to go to her adoptive home until she is recovered from her procedures, and it is anticipated that this will be early in March so applicants must be ready from this time but understanding that this could change.