Annie and Millie – Applications closed

About This Project

Annie and Millie

Breed: Bichon

Age: 1 years-old

Donation: £TBC


    • Can live with confident dogs
    • Can live with older, calm children
    • Can live with cats (chickens/small furries)


Background – Annie and Millie were both rescued from a puppy farm, Annie has been bred from but it’s unlikely Millie was as she is so young. Both will need to have follow up check-ups at the heart clinic due to the issues they have, Annie’s murmur is low grade and Millie’s has been successfully operated on but it’s important to monitor. When they first arrived they knew what very few domestic things were, stairs, washing machine etc. Annie takes absolutely everything in her stride whereas Millie finds new things a bit more challenging. Millie never stops impressing me with how brave she can be and with gentle coaxing, things that seemed terrifying to her at first are now conquered with ease which is just so rewarding to see.
Type of home – Annie and Millie will fit in easily to quieter homes, they’re a pair of gentle souls so the noise and chaos that can come with younger families would be a set back for them but older dog savvy children will adore them. They’re fine to be left crated for about 4 hours during the day. Their toilet training is excellent and with regular trips to the garden throughout the day every couple of hours accidents are rare. A nice sized enclosed garden is a must, Annie loves to lie down outside in nice weather and Millie needs a lawn big enough for her zoomies!
People – Millie and Annie both seek human affection independently of each other. Annie has an adorable “please” gesture when she wants to come up and sit next to you on the sofa and Millie is happy to help herself to a lap if one is offered. They aren’t big fans of being squished and squeezed but that’s not to say they don’t like affection.
Children – Due to their quiet dispositions and how new the world is to them an older, calm and sensible home is required, ideally where their humans take the time to introduce them to new things.
Dogs and cats – They are good and gentle with anything they come across from other dogs to cats, to guinea pigs, to chickens! They are very bonded to each other but are happy to have other doggy friends too so a house with or without a resident dog would be suitable.
Outside of the house – For two dogs who had never seen a lead they are doing incredibly well at learning to walk on them and Annie in particular is a big fan of exploring the outside world so picking up their harnesses and leads is met with a pair of waggy tails. Millie can be overstimulated sometimes when out on a walk and can panic/shut down. Gentle coaxing and some time to come out of her shell again always fixes this and she can then enjoy the rest of the walk. They travel ok in the car over short distances though journeys longer than an hour can result in Annie being a little sick, this is something that is getting better as she gets used to the car.
Health – Other than the heart issues mentioned above Annie’s ears have had a deep infection previously and will require monitoring and regular cleaning.
A note from their fosterer – Annie and Millie are an utter delight to have around. Watching these sweet little girls come more and more out of their shells each day has been a joy. I would so love them to find a home where their owners are quiet and calm but also devoted to showing Annie and Millie what a big wonderful world it is out there. There is so much for them to discover and enjoy. Annie has shown a real aptitude for learning tricks which will be great fun moving forward. Millie HATES squeaky toys, it’s important that these aren’t part of her new life.