Fettuccine and Macaroni (not to be rehomed together)

About This Project

Fettuccine and Macaroni


Breed: Collie Cross (Father unknown) 

Age: 9 weeks (at time of adoption) 

Donation: £400


  • Can live with other neutered dogs
  • Can live with children 5+
  • Could live with cats


Background – April (Momma dog) was handed into to rescue pregnant after being found abandoned in Wales. April gave birth in her foster to home on 20th February to two little bundles of joy –  one boy and one girl!

Type of home needed – Collie’s are highly intelligent dogs who need a huge amount of mental and physical stimulation. The puppies will need to go to experienced homes with people who have a lot of time to dedicate to their training and socialisation which will need to be highly structured and adjusted to meet each stage of their development. As adult dogs they will need a lot of exercise but also mental enrichment time. It will be a condition of adoption that the dogs are enrolled in a training class or that a trainer is enlisted from day 1 – this is to ensure they have the best start.

Adopting – The puppies will need to go to their adoptive homes on or around 24th April 2023. They are currently in foster care with their mother April in Bristol city centre.