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Badgerella (Bella)

Breed: Cavapoo

DOB: 15/04/2023

Donation: £350

  • Could live with older children
  • Could live with other (neutered) dogs
  • Could live with cats with careful introductions


Badgerella (known as Bella for short) arrived in our care from a breeder and luckily went straight into foster care.


Bella is the friendliest little lady you’ll ever meet. She’s very excitable, head strong, and loves meeting new people and dogs. She has a wonderful ability to pick up skills and behaviours from other dogs (although not just the good ones!).

With other dogs

Bella is very friendly with other dogs. She has lived with and without resident animals, however, her social skills need some work. Bella struggles to understand boundaries so resident dogs will need to be tolerant.

In the house

Bella is growing in confidence every day, a little mischievous, but mostly a sleepy little gem who loves nothing more than being around her humans. She’s not fond of being left alone so her separation training is slow but steady. Bella is responding well to training and can understand a range of commands.

Outside of the house

Bella has had a much slower start than most puppies so the outside world can be a bit overwhelming for her. She loves people and dogs but this means she finds them highly distracting and can cry and/or bark when she sees them. As an overly friendly dog, Bella’s reaction to distractions is an area of focus for her training and will need to be continued in her forever home. Bellas’ struggles to focus also mean she should never be walked off lead unless in a secure garden or field. Bella also has car sickness so journeys should be limited where possible. Her signs of stress include panting, shaking, and vomiting. It cannot be guaranteed she will ever be happy in the car.

Type of home

Bella is currently living in an adult only, animal free home, but could live with or without cats and dogs. She will need at least one calm walk a day as she is a medium-energy dog. Due to Bella’s health conditions, she would be better suited to a calmer home as she needs to be monitored and regularly encouraged to take breaks from exercise.


Bella has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida and multiple heart defects. She had Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and Systemic-to-pulmonary arteriovenous fistula (SPAVF) which were repaired surgically. She still has Pulmonic Stenosis (PS), considered moderate, and suspected mitral valve dysplasia, considered mild. Bella also has some mild gastrointestinal issues (reflux and sliding hiatal hernia) and laryngeal paralysis on one side. These conditions are managed with medicine and lifestyle/diet changes. Her conditions are lifelong, they will need monitoring and ongoing veterinary care.


Bella is in foster care in Weston Super Mare and applicants will need to come and meet her here.