About This Project


Breed: Labrador  

Age: 3 years 

Donation: £350


  • Can live with confident children
  • Can live with other medium-large dogs
  • Cannot live with cats


Background – Bailey arrived in our care when his owners found they were expecting a baby. Bailey luckily went straight into foster care where he has been a very good boy.

Character – Bailey is a fairly independent soul who likes his own space – he isn’t a cuddle buddy or overly affectionate boy but he is very fun and would be a fabulous walking companion and adventure bestie! Bailey loves a good walk but settles well on the sofa at home too.

With other dogs – Bailey loves to wrestle and play bitey face with other dogs, but can get a little vocal when playing and so the other dogs need to be confident! Bailey has been reactive in the vets where other dogs are in very close proximity in stressful situations.

Type of home – Bailey is currently living with two other active dogs and he is okay with this set up, but would equally be happy as a solo pooch. Bailey is not a good candidate for a home with small children as he does tend to snatch food which could be problematic in that it may frighten little ones. Sensible and dog-confident older children would be better.  Bailey’s new home will need to attend training classes with him, or be very experienced with training working dogs themselves. Bailey is not the sort of dog you could take to cafe’s/pubs etc and is better suited to outdoorsy folk.

Adoption – Bailey is in foster care in Chippenham and applicants will need to come and meet him here. Bailey’s adopters will need to continue with his diet and exercise to help him reach a healthy weight.