About This Project


Breed: Poodle cross (5.4kg)

Age: 8 years

Donation: £350


Background: Although we believed Bella has been a pet dog, she needed a thorough clean, de-matting and dental (one tooth removed along with a lot of plaque and tartar). Fortunately, Bella has been in foster care since she arrived with us and has proven to be a firm favourite with dogs and people alike.

Character: Bella is a real sweetie. She loves other dogs and people, especially being as close as possible, prefably on your lap! Bella is a bit barky (this is being worked on) with new sounds and people, but it’s nervous rather than aggressive and once she knows you’re nice, she immediately becomes your best friend.

Dogs and cats: Bella loves other dogs but does like to be the centre of attention, so an only home with someone there most of the time, or with one other dog would be ideal for her. Bella is not cat tested but is chicken tested and has not appeared interested in the ones fenced off in her foster home.

Ideal home: This adorable little lady wants nothing more than to be fully included in your life, loved and fussed! She travels ok, but does seem a little nervous whilst in the car, she is great on the lead as long as she’s next to her chosen human (if she’s behind, she can pull a little) – Bella happily has free rein of the ground floor of her foster home and is very much part of the family (including living with four other dogs) – Although slight, Bella is very agile and this will need to be considered in garden security.

Health: Bella does not seem to have any health issue, but will need regular grooming due to her hair type and as she had to have a dental, has some gel that she needs to have put on her teeth daily until the tube is finished.

Adoption: Bella is in foster care in North Somerset (near Weston-super-Mare) and applicants must be within the catchment area and able to travel to her foster home to meet her.