About This Project


Breed: Cross

Age: est 12

Donation:  £150

Sweet little older lady, Bella was rescued from a public shelter (aka Killing Station) in Romania. (She was originally posted here named as Grace, but there was a mix up with her passport, which also  shows her as 11 years old, but we think she is probably 12.) She spent many years in a sanctuary waiting for a forever home until recently coming to us so we can find her a great, pampering forever home. She has little, if any, sight in her left eye and a cataract in her right, but the vet has advised that no treatment is necessary. She is still coming out of her shell, and is only now getting used to a lead, but loves to potter around at her own pace – she walks slowly because her back legs are stiff. We think she will become more mobile when she has lost some weight – she arrived at about 27kg but we estimate she should drop to 20kg or less. She is such a nice lady –  exceptionally sweet, gentle, with a helicopter tail always ready to greet you.  Hopefully someone, somewhere, will be touched by her sweet face and offer to give her a home.   (No experience of her with children or cats.)