About This Project


Breed: Collie (14kg)

Age: 2 years (estimated)

Donation: £300


  • Prefers to be the only dog
  • Not cat tested, so no cats
  • Can live with children 16+


Belle is a very striking and intelligent girl. Sadly her owner recently become too ill to care for her so Belle has arrived here for us to find her a great new forever home!

Belle is not used to living with cats, other dogs or children we are told and so is best suited to a calm, adult only home as a solo pooch. Belle is very bright and friendly to everyone here – she is clearly very clever and so will need a collie savvy home with people who have a keen interest in training and suitable enrichment activities.


Below is a write up from Tammy at Fitness4Dogs, as she has been working closely with Belle:

A typical collie, intelligent, energetic, herds everything, loves a job, loves
instruction. She learns quickly, loves learning new tricks, loves the ball, loves tug. Also
loves chasing cars which is a typical collie trait. This is being worked with by
the experienced kennel crew.

Belle will get bored of a task or game, you need to keep it exciting enough for
her to stay engaged. I feel she do well in some sort of dog sport but a high
energy one. She has good recall but her lead manners are not great.

Whoever takes Belle should work on calmness as a really important factor in
her behaviour and well-being. She needs calming activities and rest. Calming
activities should include a filled kong or bone filled with soft food to lick out
and lick mats.

Belle would be such a fun dog to have but you must have time to fulfil her
needs. She needs training like tricks, games based training, puzzles and other
enrichment activities aswell as exercise. Sounds a lot, however an hours walk
is plenty if you do half an hour of training at least a day plus giving her some
enrichment toys/activities to do.