Big Red and Siani

About This Project

Big Red and Siani

Breed: Cavalier and Cavalier x Cocker Spaniel

Age: 3 years old

Donation: £600 for both


  • Big Red + Siani can live with children aged 8 and over (due to their size and boisterous playstyle)
  • Big Red + Siani can live with dogs
  • Big Red + Siani cannot live with cats

    Bonded pair Big Red and Siani are ex-breeding girls who came to us severely overweight a few months ago. They have now lost a large amount of weight and are starting to get fitter. They are thriving in a foster home and getting used to being pets.

    Big Red + Siani are very loving, friendly and affectionate and get on with dogs and people. They love to cuddle up on your lap although are large for their breed so this can be a bit of a squeeze!

    Although they’ve made loads of progress, Big Red and Siani need an experienced home willing to carry on with their development. They are house trained but we can expect a few accidents in a new home. Big Red and Siani have only just learnt to sit for their dinner so will need lots of work on their general training i.e. lead walking, recall and basic commands.

    Big Red and Siani love to go out on walks and adventures – their favourite is the beach! They’re quite energetic and enjoy a good run. Once fit, the girls are likely to need plenty of exercise and would love a family who they could join on trips out and about. Big Red loves a squeaky toy and they both like chasing a ball in a field or the garden.

    Big Red and Siani would like a countryside home with a secure garden. They need someone who is around most of the time as they prefer the company of people. Whilst friendly, their playstyle is too boisterous for small children, therefore, we will only consider homes with children over 8.

    Please note that we will not split the pair.