Biscuit – 8 months

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Biscuit 2 – Pup

Age: 8 months

Breed: Cavapoochon (Medium Sized dog)

Donation: £400

  • Would love to live with other playful dogs
  • Can live with older children 8+
  • Best suited to a home without cats


Biscuit was surrendered to us when his family had a change of circumstances and were no longer in a position to care for a young energetic dog. He went straight into one of our caring and experienced foster homes.


Biscuit is a happy-go-lucky little boy who embodies the spirit of an excitable puppy. Affectionate, smart, and eager to please, Biscuit’s favourite hobby is giving kisses—he’s your personal ear wax remover! Be ready for an endless supply of puppy energy!

Biscuit is toilet trained, although he sometimes lets out excited dribbles when greeting visitors (think of it as a warm, wet welcome). He sleeps through the night and dreams of one day conquering the end of your bed. For now, he settles on his bed on the floor nearby. Sunrise snuggles are his jam, especially before his morning exercise.

Biscuit enjoys long walks but is still learning the fine art of polite leash walking. He regularly focuses on his walker, flashing his signature happy, tongue-out smile. Occasionally, he forgets his manners and barks at other walkers and dogs, enthusiastically saying hello. His foster mum is working on gently teaching him that not everyone wants to hear his enthusiastic hellos and polite manners for onleash greetings!

Biscuit is fantastic with other dogs and loves to play, wrestle, and engage in boisterous antics. He’s respectful of smaller or older dogs who prefer to stay out of his whirlwind of activity.

Type of home

Biscuit needs an active home with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. His new family should be committed to gently continuing this fluffy blank canvas’s training, as he is young and trainable and has the potential to be a fantastic family companion as he matures!

Biscuit absolutely adores canine companionship and would not only benefit from the company of another dog for play and exercise but also to gain confidence and learn all things dog!

His new home should be prepared to continue focusing on the ‘quiet’ command to manage his alert barking and improve his leash skills to control his excitement and pulling. Luckily Biscuit is very food-motivated and eager to please, making training a breeze!

Biscuit needs a little help with car travel—literally. He requires a lift in and out of the car and tends to pant and whimper a bit during the ride. We are sure with regular positive reinforcement (aka trips to cool places!) he will soon settle and learn to relax in the car.

Biscuit has not yet been left alone at home, but as he loves his humans, it’s expected that he might experience some separation anxiety. Patience and gradual training will help him adjust to alone time.

Biscuit loves all people big and small, but his enthusiasm for jumping up to say hello means he’s best suited to a home with older children who can handle his energy. Older children will also be able to help-out with providing exercise and stimulation for this cuddle-monster.

Biscuit is toilet trained, but he sometimes has little excited accidents when he’s overwhelmed with joy.

He has not been cat tested but he finds cats fascinating and will pull and chase after any he sees when out on walks. A home without cats is likely best for this curious pup..


Biscuit is in foster care in Fishponds, Bristol and successful applicants will need to come and meet him here.