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Age: approx. 14 months old

Breed: Cavalier x Poodle x Bichon type

Donation: £400

  • Can live with other dogs
  • Can live with dog savvy children
  • Could possibly live with cats


Biscuit has had a rocky start having been moved around a lot in his short life. When he joined us Biscuit had a bad tail injury, thankfully this has now been looked at and treated by our trusted vets.


An extremely affectionate boy, Biscuit could be described as a ‘Velcro dog’, Think of him as your new shadow but furrier and infinitely more lovable. After being passed around a lot at a young age he loves to have human company and stability.

Biscuit loves to follow you everywhere – perhaps even to the bathroom….privacy is so last year! Because of this he would likely become stressed if left alone, even with the company of other dogs.

This happy, quiet boy has excellent canine social skills, getting along with both male and female dogs of all sizes.

He’s gets zoomies galore and walks like a dream, both on and off the lead in the secure field, sticking close to your heel like you’ve got a pocket full of treats (which you do, don’t you?).

Type of home

Biscuit would be suited to a home where he would be welcomed as part of the family. He would enjoy going out and about on adventures with the family and all sorts of excercise and stimulation.

Biscuit has good social skills and gets on well with other dogs, he loves to play! He would be happiest living with other dogs for companionship as well as to provide him with some canine normality. He has settled in very well with the pack in his foster home.

As mentioned, Biscuit finds separation stressful, His new family would need to be patient with this and gradually build up separation.

Biscuit has a lovely, gently nature and could possibly live with dog savvy children.

Biscuit has not been cat tested whilst in our care but may be ok living with a feline companion with careful introductions.

Biscuit travels well and is fully house trained.


Due to his tail injury, Biscuit had to have a good amount of his tail amputated, but it’s healed well and he still has plenty to wag!


Biscuit is in foster care in Axbridge and successful applicants will need to visit him there.