About This Project


Breed: French Bulldog

Age: est. 2

Donation:  £250

Bobbie (kennel name Bobbie Blue Balls) is a retired stud dog. He has a wonderful, loving, cheeky personality and loves everyone he has met human and canine! He loves his walks, sun bathing, being cuddled like a baby and a game of tug with a fleece blanket. He has been happy living in foster with two other dogs and has learned to take his turn, but could also live as a single dog. He is a fabulous jumper so needs a secure garden!

Don’t be fooled, however, he is no angel! He is a feisty chap, not for the inexperienced, and not for children. For example, he is a demon at the vets and will require muzzle training to support future visits. He is  strong on the lead! He also suffers from skin allergies which are being managed with medication which have already reduced by half during his time in foster, but are likely still to be needed.