About This Project


Breed: Terrier

DOB: 06/03/2019

Donation: £300


  • Prefers to be the only dog
  • Cannot live with cats
  • Adult only home


Bonnie is a lovely young JR who arrived here in July 2022. Bonnie’s elderly owners had recently died and their son struggled to look after and nurture Bonnie. With all the drama and changes she had endured, Bonnie had become extremely scared, anxious and totally mistrustful of everyone and everything.

Tammy at Fitness For Dogs has worked closely with Bonnie and has provided the below write up:

Bonnie has huge trust issues and contact fear. However, with patience and time Bonnie does come round.
She loves a walk and walks well on a lead.She isn’t too keen on the flat faced dogs, possibly unable to read them. This is when she gets a bit vocal and starts to pull and lunge. We have been working
on techniques for this which does work, but this will be ongoing for a while.
Bonnie likes her biscuits so rewarding well and getting her to disengage is quite
easy. We are just teaching her to make right choices and be calmer in these

We are also doing hands are positive training. Hand feeding her some of her
food, walking past her food bowl and chucking more in, teaching her hand
touch, click and reward for contact with hands. We will do this type of training
so we can touch various area of her body. Therefore, she can have a safe vet
check and have paws wiped etc.

When she goes to a home she will have to be given some time to decompress
from the kennel environment and then time to trust her adopters. Let her
come to you, don’t make a fuss as she may back off or become scared again.
When she is happy chilling by you then you can start contact, so hand touches,
touch and click etc. Little tickles under the chin, slow movements. Don’t rush
anything as too much too soon will only make her fearful.

She is a lovely dog just fearful and untrusting of people but with time and
patience she should thrive. She has trusted several of the kennel crew and
done really well with them. I have a few games to play that are relationship
builders that adopters can easily learn.