Bonny and Kizzy

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Bonny and Kizzy

Breed: SBT

Estimated DOB’s: 05/12/2014

Donation: £450 (Pair)


  • Cannot live with other dogs or cats
  • Can live with children 8+
  • Can be left alone for a few hours


Background: Bonnie and Kizzy arrived with us recently in a bit of a pickle – they were undernourished and with skin problems, and have clearly both been used for breeding. They went into foster care together with a lovely new foster carer and they have settled so well. They are inseparable and go everywhere together so an adoptive home together is a must.

The below wrote up has been provided by Foster Parent Hailey:


Characters: Bonny and Kizzy have been such a joy to have in our home. They provide constant laughs and entertainment. Inseparable, they have such a strong bond, loving nothing more than to curl up on the sofa together, but at the same time their personalities are quite different.


Kizzy loves her food, and is always first for meal times. We have been working on training her to sit and wait for her food and it’s going really well, she is treat driven for sure! Bonny on the other hand has a good appetite but isn’t quite as driven by it as Kizzy, so keeping their bowls a few feet apart mean they get equal share and she doesn’t lose some of hers to Kizzy.

Inside the home: After initial anxieties and few unsettled days they are now both good as gold when we leave them alone for a couple of hours. They do love a good bark if someone comes to the door, however they quieten down quickly when told, and are friendly and loving to everyone they meet.


They sleep well downstairs in the evening by themselves, but can’t wait for morning cuddles on the bed with us, it has become a ritual now, once they’re there and have said hello, they will happily settle and snooze for longer if you fancy a lie in. A warning though, they’re both snorers!
Kizzy is a big fan of cuddle piles, with people and Bonny, the more hugs and belly rubs the better. Bonny will normally get in on the action too, when she sees Kizzy getting the love. She’s a big fan of licking too, us, her paws, whatever she can get, but will stop when told.
 As long as Kizzy knows you’re in the house, she’s happy to chill in another room. Bonny likes to be in the same room with you most of the time, one of her favourite spots to sleep is on the kitchen floor while I’m making dinner. On sunny days she entertains herself, and us, by chasing the light reflection of her name tag, and can spend a lot of time staring at the wall or floor where the light was, waiting for it to come back.
On car journeys: They also love going on car journeys, get into the car really well by themselves and settle in the back with no issues at all.

Outside of the house: Outdoors they can be reactive to other dogs, no barking but they’re known to try and have a nibble! We think it’s nervousness more than anything. We have found keeping them away for now is best. With slow introductions, and some time and training, they will hopefully be less so!

They’re really energetic when first out on walks, great for pulling you up Bristol hills, but once the initial burst of energy is out, they calm and walk well. When out they want to say hello to anyone and everyone, sometimes they can jump up, but they are quite easy to control and listen well when told. Their road sense isn’t great, but we’ve been working on that and they’re getting much better at staying on the pavement and waiting at road crossings. After their walk they are happy to relax in the house and let you get on with other things.
Adopting: The girls are in foster care in Bristol and applicants will need to meet them here.