About This Project


Breed: Lurcher (25kg)

Age: 6 years 0 months (est)

Donation: £400


    • Bowie can live with dogs of similar size
    • Bowie can live with children aged 8 and over
    • Bowie cannot live with cats or other small furries

Bowie has just arrived in foster care where he will undergo assessment, but we are hopeful that he will have no difficulty finding a loving home. Bowie has shown that he will quickly bond tightly with his family and he loves everyone!
It’s hard to know what to say about Bowie as there are so many nice things – he’s affectionate, playful, goofy and well mannered, a real character.
Bowie will need a semi-active home with someone who can manage a strong walker! It is likely that Bowie will always need to walk on lead due to his prey-drive, but he will make a wonderful walking companion nonetheless.