About This Project


Breed: Staffie

Age: 8 (DoB Sept 2011)

Donation: £150

Breeze came to us earlier this year. She had been terribly neglected, never having seen a vet since she was a tiny pup, not having been wormed, flea’d or spayed and with mammary masses. She had been restricted to a tiny world of a kitchen and garden.

Breeze went to a fosterer and has blossomed; her fosterer would love to adopt her, but unfortunately isn’t in a position to do so.  Breeze has proved to be a softy with her humans, very affectionate and wanting nothing more than to be with them all day long, with some time at least sitting on a lap. 

She adores a walk, but hasn’t been tested off lead due to lockdown. She’s less keen on animals and sees it as her duty to chase a cat or bird! With dogs, she can be nervous and grumble when passing them, so needs someone with experience of the breed who can do some work in socialising her.

Better not in a home with children – she can be possessive of toys and food –  things which again need to be worked on.

She has been spayed and fully checked by the vet and is a fine dog, although she has some skin problems which will need investigating, and there are some signs of creaking joints!