Cats and Kittens

About This Project


Donation:  Guide £150-200

Unusually, we have a number of cats and kittens to rehome, most of whom were feral and are gradually being domesticated. Most will be of “pet quality”. Some, however, will need special, patient, adult only, homes because, while they are now used to being indoor cats, they probably won’t ever be cuddly lap cats. All will be vaccinated and microchipped; if large enough, they will also be neutered.

They are relatively expensive, because they have all incurred very high Vet bills (one cat alone will have cost over £1500) so that we will be making a considerable loss on all of them. They include, pet quality ones first:

  • Mimi – young adult female and her three 5-6 week old female kittens. Black and white, short haired.  Timid but friendly.
  • Willoughby: very handsome, adult male, tabby, large, very affectionate, currently very thin.
  • Poppy, Holly, Alice and Oliver: est. 8 weeks old.
  • Tobias – 11 year old, long haired, male.
  • Binks and Salem – est. 5 months old, short haired, black, neutered males.
  • Arthur Pendragon – long haired, black, neutered, male about 5 months old. Timid.

And the following, who may not be pet quality

  • Aya – short haired, tortoiseshell, neutered female, est. 5 months old. Timid but possibly pet quality with a little more work.
  • Phoenix – short haired, tortoiseshell, neutered female, est. 5 months old. Very timid. Unlikely to be fully pet quality.
  • Merlin – short haired, black, neutered female est. 5 months old. Probably won’t be pet quality