About This Project


Breed: Pug x French Bulldog 


Donation: £400


  • Can live with sensible children subject to successful introduction
  • Could live with other dogs
  • Not cat tested


Background – Chantelle arrived with us from a ‘pet home’ but we don’t think she had a particularly pleasant life beforehand.

Character – Chantelle initially appears to be quite anxious when you first meet her, but she does very quickly warm up, especially if you offer her treats. Chantelle is like a little shadow and never wants to leave your side, so would make an ideal companion dog.

In the home – Chantelle is happy in a home environment and has her favourite spot on the sofa. At night she doesn’t like to sleep in the bedroom so it’s best to let her sleep on the sofa. She does occasionally howl when left whilst you’re in the house (in the shower etc) but doesn’t do this at night or when left home alone.

With other dogs – Chantelle has been very friendly with other dogs that she has met, but was very frightened when another dog was nasty to her on a walk. Going to a home with other dogs would be subject to successful introductions.

Training needs – Chantelle must be completely left alone to eat, as if you are in the same room as her when she has her meals she will hide and wet herself so clearly there is some existing trauma here. Chantelle needs a home where she can receive ongoing training (positive reinforcement only) with boundaries as she can be a little mischievous (she likes to empty the bin!) and isn’t totally housetrained yet.

Type of home – Chantelle would like someone who is home most of the time and wouldn’t be well suited to a home where someone was out for long periods of time. She doesn’t need a hugely active home but does like to go out for a plod along where she can sniff EVERYTHING.

Adoption – Chantelle is in foster care in Central Bristol and applicants will need to come and meet her here.