About This Project


Breed: Cavachon

Age: 4 years

Donation: £400


  • Must live with other dogs
  • Can live with sensible children
  • Not assessed with cats


Background – Cookie arrived in our care after being voluntarily surrendered by her breeder. Cookie then moved into foster care where she has started learning how to adjust to being part of a family.


Character – Cookie is rather confident for a dog of her background and enjoys the company of people (she loves cuddles) providing they approach her slowly. Cookie can be a bossy boots with other dogs but loves to be around them and would thrive with other playful dogs. Cookie has quickly has quickly adjusted to being a lady of leisure and especially enjoys sleeping in bed with her foster parents.


Type of home – Dogs from some breeding backgrounds are unlikely to have experienced any of the outside world and therefore will need time to adjust – this will need to be done over a long period of time, with a great deal of patience. Cookie will need resident dogs in the home much like the majority of ex-breeding dogs, who do not tend to cope alone.


Training needs – Cookie has made a great start with training and has taken well to walking on a lead but will need ongoing support with all parts of being part of a normal family.


Health – Cookie has a large bald patch on her side/back which can be very common in ex-breeding dogs, and although this may look unsightly it does not need any special care beyond topical soothing products. Cookie needs her ears cleaned regularly as again, like many dogs similar to hers they can get rather grubby and become itchy.


Adopting – Cookie is in foster care in Clevedon and applicants must come here to meet her.