About This Project


Breed: Husky (18kg)

Age: 1 year

Donation: £350


  • May be able to live with other similar sized dogs


Background: Courage came to us via a local dog warden kennel and has been undergoing assessment at our own kennels.

Character: Courage is nervous to begin with but generally friendly – he is intelligent, bouncy and vocal and will be a very loyal companion. Courage is a clever boy and keen to learn!

Animals and children: Courage cannot live with any small animals as he has shown some prey drive, which is not unexpected for a husky! Courage may be able to live with other dogs with careful introductions, but they would need to be of a similar size. Equally, he could live as an only dog.

Ideal home: Courage will need a breed experienced and patient home as he needs to have time invested in his training and socialisation, but he has made a great start here and no doubt will come on leaps and bounds.