About This Project


Breed: Cavalier x Beagle (8.5kg)

Age: 2 years 

Donation: £400


– Daisy must live with other dogs

– Adult only home although could possibly live with older children / teens

– Needs a patient home willing to work on her training


Background – Daisy came from a breeding establishment although hasn’t had any puppies herself. She arrived with a damaged eye which we fought hard to save. Despite our best efforts (and plenty of expensive, specialist eye appointments) her eye had to be removed. Daisy manages perfectly well without it and certainly doesn’t let this slow her down at all.

Character – Daisy is a one of a kind bundle of fun. A typical combination of the stubbornness and mischief of a Beagle but with the sweet and loving nature of a Cavalier. If you can’t find your slippers then Daisy is probably redesigning them for you. If pens keep disappearing from your desk you’d better ask Daisy where they are! Daisy loves a good run and gets a terrible case of the zoomies at least once a day but will happily settle down for a snooze if you’re busy.

Type of home – Daisy would like an active home where someone is around most of the time. She is used to living in a multi-dog household and would like a playful friend if possible. She asks all her friends to play and is always disappointed when they decline in favour of the sofa. A family that will take her out on adventures would be great.

People and Children – Daisy is very good natured and affectionate. Loves to cuddle up on a lap and generally likes to be around her humans. Children are very scary to Daisy at the moment (she shy’s away) so an adult only home or home with teens+ would be best. Some men are scary too but others are fine and we are yet to discover what triggers this fear.

Dogs and Cats – It’s essential Daisy goes to a home with other dogs. She loves to cuddle up with her friends and would like a playmate in her new home. Daisy has been great with all dogs she’s met but can feel a bit overwhelmed by very large dogs. Daisy hasn’t met any cats face to face but hasn’t reacted when she’s seen them at a distance.

Outside of the home – Daisy just can’t wait to get in the car and head off for an adventure. Daisy loves walks and really enjoys a good run. Her lead walking and recall both need a bit of work.

Health – Due to Daisy having had one eye removed it is essential the health of her remaining eye is maintained. Lubricating drops need to be applied 4 times a day and this will be ongoing. These are inexpensive and can be bought over the counter.