Daisy and Bella

About This Project

Daisy and Bella

Breed: Cocker Spaniels 

Age: 11 and 12 years 

Donation: £350 as a pair 

  • Can live with cats
  • Can live with other dogs
  • Can live with sensible children

Background – Daisy and Bella have come from a breeding background, and arrived in terrible condition with lots of matting. They are very old for ex-breeding girls to come into rescue but we are determined to find them a loving retirement home to give them the life they should have had from the start.

Character – The girls are very loving kind dogs. They absolutely love a fuss and cuddle. Daisy is quite a nervous dog however once she knows you she’s very cuddly and affectionate. Because daisy is quite a nervous dog these two have to stay together as she looks at Bella as a confidence boost. Bella is a lovely girl who also loves to be fussed. Daisy is definitely the more nervous one and will need someone who is patient with her as she can be quite jumpy so needs the reassurance that’s everything is okay. She tends to jump at quick movements and loud noises so it’s good to be really calm around her!

Inside the home – The girls are really doing well settling in to living in a home, and have made good progress with things like house training. They settle really well when they are in the house, they tend to snooze on their bed and wonder about the house freely. They do come on the sofa and love a good cuddle.

Outside the home – They girls absolutely love their walks and enjoy going on new adventures. They are better at going on hill walks as they can get overwhelmed by lots of people and loud places so would benefit living with someone who is able to walk them on the hill as well as on the road. The girls have been doing road walks and been doing really well, they are really getting used to staying close to you when they are on the lead rather than pulling.. Both the girls are good with cars however do get quite startled when louder vehicles such as motorbikes or buses come past, but they will get used to that in time. They both travel very well in the car.

Type of home – They need a patient home with a family who understand that they will need time to adjust to living in a normal home environment. They will need a secure garden to spend time outdoors as they won’t be ready for walks yet. They can live with other dogs as they are very friendly and love other dogs. They can get quite excited when seeing other dogs but it’s all friendly behaviour. They have had a few doggy visitors in the house and have been very sweet towards other dogs.

Health – The girls needed today restarts with vaccinations etc but are generally in much better condition now. Bella has a low grade heart murmur which does not currently require any special care.

Adoption – Daisy and Bella are in foster care in Cheddar and applicants will need to come and meet them here.