About This Project




Breed: American Bulldog

Age:  2 (DOB 18/04/2018)

Donation:  £300
Diva recently arrived with us and is now settling in at her foster home. So far she has shown herself to be very sweet natured and playful but has clearly had very little training or socialisation.
Diva doesn’t yet know how to play with toys. The only ‘toy’ she currently recognises is her lead. She does also pull on the lead when walking, but this will be able to be trained as she starts to feel more comfortable in new surroundings, and learns some basic obedience commands. She is also quite uncomfortable with hands moving closer to or over her head, so needs someone who can help her take things slow.

With this in mind we are looking for a very special adopter:

🐾 Experienced owners of bully breeds or large playful breeds, eg a Boxer

🐾 Rural location with a medium/large garden for off lead play. As she currently has no recall skills.

🐾 Male or female household

🐾 Humans home the majority of the time

🐾 We think she could benefit from a household either without children or with children over 12. She can be quite boisterous in play and doesn’t have a lot of spacial awareness. Whilst we don’t believe she would be a danger to children,  she could easily knock over a small child.

🐾 She hasn’t shown signs of aggression with other dogs and has in fact tried to be playful with them, but doesn’t understand the signs/signals other dogs are giving her.

🌟Super star adopter would be someone who has owned a bully breed before, who is dedicated to training her to her true potential.