About This Project


Breed: Johnson American Bulldog x Alphaha American Bulldog

Age: 1 year old (DOB 05/06/20)

Donation: £TBA

  • Must be the only dog in the home
  • Owners to be home the vast majority of the time
  • Can live with robust and experienced children aged 16 and over. He hasn’t shown any malice towards our team and the children that he has met, but his size and boisterous play makes him unsuitable to live with younger kids.


Duke came to us at the start of the year as he started having seizures and his family were, unfortunately, unable to give him the support his condition requires. He has now been diagnosed with epilepsy and this should now be controlled with medication.

Duke’s puppy stage was at a time when he was living in a busy family home with children, which has impacted his training. He is quick to learn but needs a household with strong rules and boundaries to help him navigate out of trouble. In foster, he learnt the leave command very quickly, but this needs to be reinforced in his new home, and he is easily tall enough to put his head on the table.

He has a heart of gold, but for an inexperienced owner, it can be quite daunting when he barks in play, jumps up, play mouths or forgets to pump the breaks when he is running back to you. All of these training elements we have been working on, but this will need to continue in his new home.

He wasn’t actively socialised as a pup but has proven to be very good-natured with other dogs. However, he needs to live in a home with no other dogs. His previous adopters were able to walk him off lead in low distraction areas and introduced him to lots of four-legged play friends.

Duke’s medical condition hasn’t slowed him down but his new owners will need to be mindful of how much stimulus he is getting each day, as over-excitement can be a seizure trigger. This condition also means that he can not be left alone for long periods of time, so we are looking for someone who is home and happy to spend time dedicated to his training. Duke just loves to play, enjoy the world and is a loving companion.

With this in mind, Duke would like to live with someone who:
🐾 Has experience of owning a large breed
🐾 No children under 16
🐾 A home willing to continue his training with support from our behaviourist
🐾 No other dogs as he needs enforced down time and can get a bit ‘over friendly’ at times
🐾 Someone who is around all of the time