Elin and Rachel (must be adopted together)

About This Project

Elin and Rachel

Breed: Mixed breed

Age: Elin is 5 years old and Rachel is 3 years old

Donation: £TBC


    • Elin and Rachel can live with dogs
    • Elin and Rachel can live with quiet, older children only
    • Elin and Rachel have not been cat tested


Elin and Rachel are mother and daughter and have recently arrived at our kennels and is currently being assessed. So far they have both shown themselves to be sweet-natured, affectionate and playful.
Elin and Rachel both get on well with other dogs and enjoys running around with them in our secure field although have not been cat tested.
Elin and Rachel are unlikely to have ever lived in a home so adopters will need to be understanding and patient when introducing them to pet life.
Elin and Rachel must be adopted together.