About This Project



Breed: Mixed breed

Age: 12

Donation:  £150

Fatty arrived at Dogs Friends last month and went to a wonderful foster home where she is patiently waiting to find her adoptive family.


Fatty has a quiet, calm temperament and loves some fuss but is independent enough to enjoy her own space. Given her age (12), a quiet household would be ideal for Fatty – she enjoys her naps and is a little sun worshipper and loves nothing more than spending time out in the garden, so an outdoor space is essential. Fatty also loves a little TLC and enjoys the attention a bath brings, patiently allowing you to wash and dry her.


Understandably given her name, Fatty loves her food, showing real excitement during meal times and happily barking at her foster carers when they are not sorting her breakfast quick enough!


Fatty currently enjoys short walks at a very leisurely pace (‘Fatty pace’) so would be well suited to a family/couple/person who is able to get out but perhaps enjoys a slower paced walk. Fatty is great on a lead, remaining by your side at all times without pulling. When out walking Fatty is unphased by passers by, other dogs and children.


Overall Fatty is a great little companion, who shows real personality and will no doubt thrive in a loving adoption home.


🐾 Fatty can live without another dog OR with a gentle resident dog
🐾 Fatty can live with sensible children, but does need to be in a calm household
🐾 Fatty loves some fuss, and is compliant with veterinary/grooming activity
🐾 Fatty doesn’t enjoy car journeys, which manifests in toileting in the car


Fatty is currently in foster in Bristol and must be rehomed locally.