About This Project


Breed: Collie’s 

Donation: £350


  • Can live with children 10+
  • Would prefer to live with another dog
  • Cannot live with cats


Background: Nearly 2 year old, teeny tiny 10kg border collie Fern came to Dogs Friends from a farm after failing to make the grade as a sheep dog. She spent a couple of weeks at kennels before moving into a foster home where she has begun to thrive as a loved pet.

Temperament: Fern is extremely affectionate and people friendly, and can never have too much fuss! She can be nervous and shy at first and can be a bit jumpy at certain sounds and movements, but after a few seconds she becomes everybody’s best friend. As she’s young and new to living inside, she can be quite cheeky and naughty when the mood takes her!

Dogs, cats and children: Fern has relied heavily on her foster brother for confidence so she really needs a canine companion to show her the ropes. She loves to zoom around and play so a confident playmate would be ideal. She’s not met any children yet but her super-friendly nature means we think she could live with sensible, dog savvy children, although very young or boisterous ones would worry her. She wants to chase the neighbourhood cats so we think she’d be better in a home without felines.

Training: Fern will have received some basic work training on the farm so is very receptive to learning cues. She is responding well to learning in the home, happily sleeps in her crate, can be left alone for a couple of hours and is almost fully house trained. She is now beginning to enjoy walks with her doggy friends although needs to build more confidence on the lead.

Ideal home: Fern will thrive with a collie experienced family or those willing to understand the breed and give her appropriate exercise, mental stimulation and training. She loves to be outside so a home with a garden is a must, and a sofa where she can snuggle up with you in the evenings.