About This Project


Breed: Collie

Age: 4 years old

Donation: £300

  • Florence must be the only dog
  • Florence needs someone who is willing to continue working on her training and confidence building
  • Florence would like a large garden or countryside home
  • Florence needs a quiet and calm adult only home


Florence is generally a lovely, sweet, people-friendly dog but she has recently had a failed adoption and had to be returned as she wasn’t getting on with the older dog in the house and was getting too excited around the little grandchildren. This has left her a little confused and desperately needing a stable, patient and understanding home.
Florence likes to play and is clever and quick at learning new commands.
Florence has recently had correction surgery on one of her hind legs which she is currently recovering from.
She needs someone who is willing to continue her training. She appears to be house trained but new owners should expect the occasional accident when she moves to a new home. Due to her breed, Florence will need plenty of stimulation to keep her mind busy but walks will need to be kept within the range of her physical abilities. Florence is easy to walk on the lead. She loves to go on walks but likes to say hello to all of the other dogs. She still needs help building her confidence when encountering new sights, sounds, people and places.
The ideal home for Florence would be a kind, countryside home including a safe garden, with quieter older people or a person and no visiting lively children. Our behaviourist and trainer can give further advice and support.