Ginny and Geenie

About This Project

Ginny and Geenie

Breed: Springer Spaniel Cross (around 16kg)

DOB: 29/03/2022

Donation: £500


  • Bonded pair so must be rehomed together
  • Will need plenty of exercise
  • Could live with calm children aged 8+


Background – These lovely girls have an unknown past. They arrived with Dogs Friends via a pound in rural Wales having been tied up to a gate and abandoned. Although Ginny and Geenie have definitely got Spaniel in their mix they have long bodies and slightly shorter legs so must have something else in their breeding.

Character – Both girls are a little shy but gaining in confidence daily. Initially they were nervous of people but will now come up for a some fuss. Once they’ve settled in and had a chance to come out of the shells a bit more they will be a fun and lively duo full of Spaniel-y mischief.

Type of home – Ginny and Geenie will need a home where they can have plenty of fun and exercise. They’ve come from a remote rural area of Wales so won’t have seen much of life and certainly won’t have experienced city living so a countryside home would be ideal.

Training needs – The girls are unlikely to have received much training and socialisation so will need help with this. Their adopters will need time and patience to help them become family pets as they won’t have lived in a house before.

Adopting – Ginny and Geenie are currently living at our kennels between Cheddar and Wells so potential adopters will need to be willing to visit them there.