About This Project


Breed: Fox Hound 

Age: 7 years 

Donation: £300


  • Can live with other dogs with careful introductions and ongoing training
  • Can live with children 14+

Background – Glyn spent the first 5 years of his life as a hunt hound before being adopted by his previous family. Sadly a move abroad means that they have asked us to help him find a new home.

Character – When he was first adopted, Glyn was exceptionally nervous but he has truly flourished in a family home and so we have no doubt that with the continuation of training and patience he will go on to thrive. Glyn can be very wary of new people, particularly men and so needs careful introductions – usually assisted by copious amounts of treats to win him over and introductions on neutral ground.  Glyn is a very playful boy and loves running crazily around the garden, but equally enjoys his chilled out time on the sofa with his humans – he’s even cheekily nudge your hand if you have the audacity to stop stroking him!

Type of home – Glyn needs an experienced and confident handler who can provide him with confidence reassurance and guidance. An active home would be best for this boy – he happily walks miles daily but does also enjoy shorter strolls and loves his trips to the secure field for some play time and to chase his ball! A home in at least a semi-rural area is probably best for Glyn as this will be less likely to overwhelm him.

Dogs and Cats – Glyn needs careful intoductions to new dogs, but again nothing an experienced home could not manage – once he gets to know a dog he loves being part of a pack and will happily walk alongside them. As with any dog, Glyn and any pooch pals will need ongoing integration work. Living with cats might be a little ambitious for Glyn given his history as a hunt hound!

Adopting – Glyn is a resident at our kennels near Wells.